Travel with Your Pooch – Here’s How To Make Your Furry Buddy Feel Safe In The Car

Travel with Your Pooch

As we all know, dogs can be a naughty and active pet and they certainly do not like to sit quietly in the car as we do. Moreover, they don’t know how to hold their body and stay in a safe position when you suddenly start or stop your car or take a turn.

This is what makes some pooches rather anxious and uneasy while travelling, so it is important to protect your furry friend from possible unsafe situations in the car and make it feel safe.  No matter whether you are on a long trip with your four-legged-buddy or just going to the nearby department store, mentioned below are tips that will surely help you make your pet feel safe in the car.

If you are going on a long trip then do not forget to carry all the essentials that your woof will need. Carry his food, toys, leash and body warmer in a tote box so that everything remains safe when you are on your way.

Now let us take a look at the accessories that will make travelling with your canine very safe and comfortable.

Seat Belt
A dog harness seat belt is a good option to restrain your dog when in the car. Most of these belts are flexible and can be used for both big and small dogs. If your pooch is well behaved and well trained and does not get excited in the vehicle, then a regular dog harness will work just fine. For puppies who are overly active and hardly sit at one place, you should attach a zipline harness instead of a regular harness. If your puppy has a habit of chewing things, make sure to buy a chew-proof belt for him.

Dog Crates
A dog crate is indeed a good choice for dogs who are comfortable and relaxed when in the cars. Not only for rides, but these crates can be used for other purposes as well. For its maximum use, always buy a crate that provides your pooch with enough space to sit, stand and even to turn around. And yes, keep your car’s size in mind while making the purchase so that the crate will fit onto the seats easily. You can keep these crates either on the back seat of your car or in the boot.  If your furry buddy is small, you can consider covering the crate with a blanket or a cloth. This way the pooch will feel more secure and safe but before doing so, make sure that the crate is well-ventilated.

Carry Boxes and Booster Seats
Booster seats or elevated box are good for small and anxious dogs. These special seats give them a better and comfortable seat to relax. These boxes are always used with dog harness as they alone cannot protect your puppy. You can easily get carry boxes for both front and back seats and can use them according to your requirements.

A hammock is another option to restrain your doggy while travelling in the car. If your doggy is older and likes to lie down and relax in the car, a hammock is the best way to make it feel more at ease however, all hammocks are not safe to use. It’s best to use a harness along with the hammock for maximum safety of your furry buddy.

Dog Guards or Barriers  
For bigger dogs, who need more space to sit, sleep and play around in the car, a dog barrier or guard is great because it provides them with enough space to move around and keep them restrained in a limited area like the backseat or the boot of your car. And at times, if you have to hit the brakes out of the blue, it will prevent your pooch from getting thrown around in the car which is very important for their safety. But again, you need to be careful while using this option of safety.

We hope these tips will help you restrain your pooch and both you and your pet will have a fun and happy trip whenever you want.

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