Insights On The Different Types Of Hospital Bed Mattress For Your Hospital

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The rising healthcare expenditure in developing countries and improvements in hospital infrastructure has significantly increased the demand for hospital beds. To keep up with the growing demands, mattress manufacturers now offer many different types of mattresses to suit the specific needs of the hospitals.

But with so many manufacturers now offering many different types of bed mattresses, like a therapeutic mattress, hospital bed air mattress, bariatric mattress, etc., it is not always easy for a hospital to select the right ones. We’ve created a list of some of the most popular mattresses to make the selection easier.

1. Therapeutic Mattress

While therapeutic mattresses are ideal for many different conditions, they are highly recommended for patients needing extra care. They can facilitate the healing process by regulating temperature, reducing pressure points, allow better blood circulation, and offer better bed sore prevention when compared to standard mattresses.

Apart from hospitals, these mattresses and Tempurpedic mattress topper are now very commonly used at homes as well.

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2. Psychiatric Mattress

Safety is a major concern when it comes to selecting a mattress for the psychiatric ward. As compared to standard mattresses, the mattresses exclusively designed for psychiatric patients offer a better level of safety, comfort, and support. These mattresses are safely sewn and don’t feature any handles, access or zippers.

Just like these exclusively designed mattresses, there are also psychiatric care beds designed with a higher level of safety which can be used with these mattresses.

3. Medical Air Mattress

A hospital bed air mattress features air cells which inflate and deflate on a regular basis to offer improved blood circulation and comfort. These mattresses are now very commonly used for treating or preventing ailments caused due to extended bed rest, like skin shearing and pressure sores.

The inflation and deflation of air cells constantly change the temperature as well keep the patient cool and comfortable.

hospital bed  air mattress

4. Bariatric Mattress

The bariatric mattresses are designed exclusively for overweight and obese patients. These are large and soft mattresses that offer far better comfort than what standard mattresses can offer to overweight patients. The special construction of these mattresses offer better support to the patient’s body and also offer temperature regulation to keep the patient cool and comfortable.

When combined with a bariatric care bed, these mattresses can significantly improve the comfort levels of the patients.

5. Memory Foam Mattress

While memory foam mattresses are now very commonly used at homes, they are also a popular choice in hospitals. Unlike traditional mattresses, the memory foam mattresses do not feature shifting coils to help reduce motion transfer and offer enhanced comfort to the patients. You can also customize memory foam mattresses according to your needs as there are a lot of mattress providers in the market who offer an option to get custom size memory foam mattress.

Moreover, a lot of hospitals also use a hospital bed mattress topper along with a memory foam mattress to offer improved support and care to the patients.

The mattresses used in the hospitals play a vital role in the treatment and healing of the patients. With hospital mattress manufacturers now offering so many different types of mattresses, it is now easier for the hospitals to select the right mattress as per the custom needs of the patients. Understand the benefits of the mattresses discussed above to pick the right ones for your medical facility.

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