Meet The Competitive World Of Auto Parts Casting

With emergence of automotive industry, there is a huge impact drawn on our everyday lives. The auto parts casting industry is one of the highly capital and labor intensive industries. There are three major expenses for producing and selling automotive- labor, material, and marketing.

Labor – While robots and machines are playing vital role in the making of vehicles; there are still substantial labor costs in engineering and designing automobiles.
Materials – Ranging from steel, seats, aluminum, tyres, dashboards, etc. are being purchased from suppliers.
Marketing – Automobile industrialists spend hefty amounts on printing and advertising every year. Moreover, they invest a lot in market research to cater latest consumer trends and preferences.

The important areas of auto parts castings manufacturing are-

  • OEMs – Original Equipment manufacturers– the big auto manufacturing companies do build some of their own products, but can’t manufacture every spare and casting part that fits inside a new model. Companies in automotive industry manufacture everything including handles and seats.
  • Replacement Parts Distribution & Production – Such parts are replaced once the buyer bought the vehicle. Few examples of products of this area are- air filters, replacement lights, and oil filters.
  • Rubber Fabrication – This area covers hoses, tyres, belts, and every other part that includes use of rubber.
Companies selling auto casting parts are reaping the major proportion of revenue in auto industry.

What does analyst says?

With analyst insight report, we have found that automobiles largely depend on consumer tastes and trends. No matter how much the car companies selling vehicles to car rental companies and businesses, they are getting major revenue share from consumers. Due to this, car manufacturing companies have started taking consumer and businesses as their major priority instead of considering factors like growth and debt load.

The rise of auto parts casting industry seems to be endless because of continuous development and innovations to automotive industry. The consumers and businesses are largely getting dependent on these companies and thus, it promotes growth and competition in the automotive industry.


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